Tarot Thursday - Private Intuitive Readings with Angela Kaufman


Thursday, March 12, 2020 from 4-8pm

$50 for 30 min. session

$100 for 60 min. session

The future is not a destination to which we arrive, but a process which we create with the energy of the present.  What goals do you wish to bring to fruition? Explore the path ahead with insight from an Intuitive/Tarot reading with Angela Kaufman. Angela’s reading style blends connection with Spirit with insight from the Tarot. Please bring an object worn or used by you, which Angela will hold during your session. She will address specific questions you have using a combination of Tarot and intuition.  Please come prepared with specific questions or topic of interest in mind, as this helps focus the energy of the reading and ensure the most useful guidance. In accordance with NYS Law all readings are intended for entertainment purposes only. 

Astrology Series with Angela Kaufman


 Choose the topics you would like to learn more about or sign up for all four classes at once and save on total admission.

Class 1:  March 29   2-4pm
Power of the Planets- how the Sun, Moon and planets influence personality and life events, what their placement in your chart means and how we can harness their energies in daily life

Class 2:  May 17  2-4pm
Power of the Signs- what the 12 archetypal signs reveal about personal path, personality, love, finances, work and more. How we can work with the energy of all 12 signs in our relationships and personal lives.

Class 3:  September 13  2-4pm
Decoding the Natal Chart- learn to ‘read’ your birth chart! Get the basic foundations of putting together the secrets of the planets, signs, houses and their aspects to each other.

Class 4:  October 18  2-4pm
Astrology of Love & Compatibility- Learn to detect your attraction points and significant relationship lessons through exploration of your natal chart.

Classes will require a natal chart so when you register, please provide Angela with the date, time and place of your birth or as much of that information as you know. A free chart will be given to you during the class to use as a basis of understanding the planets, signs, houses and aspects.

Classes are $40 each, $120 if you register for all four at once.

Participants can receive a coupon for $30 off a Natal Chart Analysis Report (Regular price $100).

If you have any questions, email intuitiveangela@gmail.com 

Tarot Series with Angela Kaufman


 Start your Tarot Journey or take your practice to the next level. Select one or more class independently or enroll in all four and save.

Class 1:  April 5  2-4pm  
Working with the Major Arcana- archeytypal life lessons in the 22 Major cards. Learn how to recognize the energies and form a personalized relationship with the 22 Major cards. Focus is on instruction and intuitive connection more than memorization. Learn the secrets to connecting with the Major cards.

Class 2:  June 28  2-4pm
Working with the Minor Arcana- learn the tricks and secrets to understanding intuitively what each of the 56 Minor cards means and how to work with them in a Tarot Reading.

Class 3:  August 16  2-4pm
Ethics in Tarot and other Psychic Readings. Tarot can open a door to the unknown, but what ethical considerations should precede the use of Tarot and divination? Learn about traps to avoid and develop a deeper understanding of when to use- and not use- divination for growth and awakening.

Class 4:  November 8  2-4pm
Timing and Tarot- take your Tarot reading skills to the next level. Learn simple, effective secrets to work with Tarot to predict events within specific time frames. Explore the benefits and limitations of bringing timing into a reading, and more!

Each class is $30 per class or $100 if you commit to the entire series at once. Also you will receive $10 off an hour long Intuitive Reading in person at Halfmoon Massage during any of the Intuitive Tarot events with Angela.

If you have any questions, please contact Angela at intuitiveangela@gmail.com