Private Intuitive Readings with Angela Kaufman


Thursday, March 12, 2020 from 4-8pm

$50 for 30 min. session

$100 for 60 min. session

The future is not a destination to which we arrive, but a process which we create with the energy of the present.  What goals do you wish to bring to fruition? Explore the path ahead with insight from an Intuitive/Tarot reading with Angela Kaufman. Angela’s reading style blends connection with Spirit with insight from the Tarot. Please bring an object worn or used by you, which Angela will hold during your session. She will address specific questions you have using a combination of Tarot and intuition.  Please come prepared with specific questions or topic of interest in mind, as this helps focus the energy of the reading and ensure the most useful guidance. In accordance with NYS Law all readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.