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Understanding Life Patterns with Numerology

 Wednesday, August 2 from 6-9pm

$45pp early bird by 7/24 ($50 after 7/24)

Do you noticed certain recurring numbers in your life? Does it seem like life sometimes runs in cycles - kinda like a deja vu with slightly different details. Have you wondered why you react to certain situations and people in a predictable way - even though you told yourself you were going to respond differently? Wouldn't you like to know why this is? Perhaps you would like to harness this information to enrich your life and make it more productive. Well, in this introductory 3-hour class, you will have the opportunity to do just that through the study of Numerology.  

Numerology is a branch of study that deals with the energy of numbers and how they significantly influence our lives.  In particular, participants will gain a brief background about Numerology and discover what the numbers mean in relation to ourselves and our life cycles. Using our dates of birth and given legal names we will learn how our Life Paths and Destiny Numbers will help us better understand what we have come to this world to learn. With this knowledge, participants will gain a clearer picture of what lessons must be mastered in order to be most successful in life. The class will conclude with a review of personal year information, and the identification of lessons and patterns that can liberate us from repetitive lessons and challenges.  

Presented by Joan Scannell - Live Your Authentic Life 

Seating is limited.  Register HERE

An Evening with the Ancestors: Psychic Message Circle

Sunday Aug 6  6-8pm   $20pp         Facilitated by Psychic Medium Angela Kaufman 

Come with an open heart and open mind and share in the healing Spirit energy, receiving love, blessings and messages from those in Spirit as well as deep energetic healing as a result of their presence. Whether you receive a personal message from Angela, or connect directly to your own Ancestors to receive guidance, all will have an opportunity to expand intuition through the high vibration energies raised in this circle.  Reserve your seat HERE.

Discover Your Inner Queen: Ladies Night for the Enlightened Woman

Tuesday, August 15 from 6-8 pm  $20pp          Presented by Angela Kaufman

Who are you when you take away society’s labels? You are a Queen!   Metaphysical meets modern on the Mystical Path to Empowerment, helping women recognize the Divine, powerful energy we all possess, and to reclaim and refine the connection between Self and Spirit. Join other conscious women on a quest to find spiritual direction and connection and learn simple, practical ways to awaken the Queen within. Learn how to consciously tap into personal and universal energy to bring forth the best potential in yourself and thrive in any situation. Suitable for women with little to no experience with the metaphysical world.  

Reserve your seat HERE.

*For those looking to delve in further, a six week Inner Queen course will be held Tuesdays 9/12-10/17 from 6-8pm.  Cost is $250.  $20 off if you attend the introductory class on 8/15.

Intuitive Readings w/ Psychic Medium Angela Kaufman

Tuesday,  Aug. 22 from 4-7pm

30 minutes for $45 or 60 minutes for $90.

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Crystals 101! Amplifying Your Intent to the Universe

$45pp   Thursday, August 24 from 6-9pm

This workshop will guide you through the sacred power of crystals! Did you know that the Universe, in its infinite wisdom, provided this gift of nature; this way of strengthening our intentions and healing body, mind, and Spirit? In this workshop you will learn the foundations of how to tap into your own unique relationship with the crystal kingdom. You’ll experience crystal properties for yourself, and walk away with an understanding of how to keep that experience going with each crystal that ‘catches your eye.’ Discover crystals as a tool to help strengthen your intention, communication, intuition, and more. Following the workshop, each participant will leave with a crystal gift, as well as the opportunity to shop for crystals and crystal jewelry at a discounted price! 

Seating is limited.  Register in advance below... https://www.eventbrite.com/e/crystals-101-amplifying-your-intent-to-the-universe-tickets-35145364732

Presented by Josy Smith of Healing Whispers.

Tools for Spiritual Healing

$50pp   Tuesday, Aug. 29 from 5:30-9pm

Feeling stuck, in a rut, or just simply dissatisfied with certain areas of your life? These feelings are natural for us all to experience, but with discomfort comes opportunity to create a new experience. All ailments, whether emotional, mental, or physical, have a spiritual component to them which cannot be seen with our naked eye, but we can see the effects of the illness through our emotions, our mental state, and our physical bodies, which is why spiritual healing is an important means to creating all other forms of healing. In this class, you will learn a variety of spiritual healing techniques, offering insight and guidance with Spirit, explaining how these techniques can assist in working through the spiritual wounds we have brought with us to this lifetime, and the wounds we have created in this current lifetime. Anne will work with the group on specific areas in their lives, with which they are seeking change, whether it is relationships, career, life’s purpose, or physical health.

Presented by Anne Magdalene, Psychic Medium, Author, Theta Healer 

Seating is limited. Register in advance HERE

Meditation for Beginners

$25pp Thursday, September 14 

from 6:30-8pm

 Are you hearing about the many healing benefits of meditation, but don’t know where to start? Has meditation felt like something that was just out of reach? Perhaps you feel as if you need a ‘meditation reset,’ a ‘beginner’s guide,’ or a dedicated time and space to meditate. Beginner Meditation will meet you where you are, with tips and ideas of how to make meditating a natural part of your lifestyle. Participants will also be lead through a short (20-30 minute) guided meditation, in a relaxed environment, conducive to experiencing some of the benefits of meditation as a component of self-care. 

Offered by Josy Smith of Healing Whispers 

Ancestral Connections

$45pp Sunday, September 17 

from 5-8pm

An experiential workshop that explores the Ancestral Realms and assists participants in actively aligning and engaging their Ancestors in daily ritual and involvement, assisting in bringing greater connection to the other world and in turn, their lives and purpose.  Participants will learn how to build an ancestral altar, and commune together in a spirit message circle after calling IN their Ancestors.

Presented by Reverend Julie MacDonald