Upcoming Events

Reiki Share

Sunday, March 4

5:00-6:30 pm

$10 donation

 *Open to Reiki Practitioners of all levels.

Gather with like-minded Reiki souls to participate in informal group healing treatments, both receiving and giving in a relaxed atmosphere. Fill up with love, inspiration and renewed energy!

This Reiki Share will be facilitated by Deborah Guilfoyle, LMT

Space is limited. Advance registration is required by calling our office at (518) 665-3511 or by emailing us at HalfmoonMassage@gmail.com

Beginner Meditation Class

Tuesday, March 6



 Are you hearing about the many healing benefits of meditation, but don’t know where to start?  Has meditation felt like something that was just out of reach? Perhaps you feel as if you need a ‘meditation reset,’ a ‘beginner’s guide,’ or a dedicated time and space to meditate.

Beginner Meditation will meet you where you are, with tips and ideas of how to make meditating a natural part of your lifestyle. Participants will also be lead through a short (20-30 minute) guided meditation, in a relaxed environment, conducive to experiencing some of the benefits of meditation as a component of self-care.

Bring your questions, and a willingness to relax in a warm and welcoming space with the positive energy of other beginners.

Presented by Josy Smith of Healing Whispers.

Seating is limited. Pre-Registration is REQUIRED. Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE within 48 hours of the event.

Intuitive Tuesday with Angela Kaufman

Tuesday, March 13

4:00-7:00 pm

30 Min Reading $45

60 Min Reading $90


The future is not a destination to which we arrive, but a process which we create with the energy of the present. Just in time for Spring, explore the seeds you are planting. What goals do you wish to bring to fruition? Explore the path ahead with insight from an Intuitive/Tarot reading with Angela Kaufman.

Angela’s reading style blends connection with Spirit with insight from the Tarot. Please bring an object worn or used by you, which Angela will hold during your session. She will address specific questions you have using a combination of Tarot and intuition.

Please come prepared with specific questions or topic of interest in mind, as this helps focus the energy of the reading and ensure the most useful guidance.

In accordance with NYS Law all readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.

Crystals 101 - Amplifying Your Intent to the Universe

Tuesday, March 20

6:00-9:00 pm


This workshop will guide you through the sacred power of crystals!  Did you know that the Universe, in its infinite wisdom, provided this gift of nature; this way of strengthening our intentions and healing body, mind, and Spirit? In this workshop you will learn the foundations of how to tap into your own unique relationship with the crystal kingdom. You’ll experience crystal properties for yourself, and walk away with an understanding of how to keep that experience going with each crystal that ‘catches your eye.’ Discover crystals as a tool to help strengthen your intention, communication, intuition, and more. Following the workshop, each participant will leave with a crystal gift! 

Presented by Josy Smith of Healing Whispers.

Seating is limited. Pre-Registration is REQUIRED. Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE within 48 hours of the event.