Upcoming Events

An Evening with the Ancestors ~ Message Circle w/ Angela Kaufman

Sunday, December 10th from 6-8 pm   $20 pp

Join us for an evening of connection with high vibration Spirit energies. No experience necessary. This event helps you nurture your intuitive awakening, connect with healing guidance from Spirit, and honor our Ancestors who have passed into the Spirit world. We will begin with a guided meditation specifically designed to help you relax and awaken your connection to your guides.As directed by Spirit, Angela will share messages, and will open the floor for all participants to share messages they are receiving. Learn to trust your connection and strengthen your relationship to those in Spirit. As this process is guided by Spirit, specific messages are not guaranteed, however all will have the opportunity to deepen their connection and relationship with their loved ones and guides in Spirit. 

Intuitive Tuesday: Private Readings w/ Angela

Tuesday, December 12 from 4-8pm

One-on-one intuitive readings.  30-minute appointments available at a special rate of $45 (Regular = $80). You may also book 2 30-minute sessions back-to-back as a one-hour session for $90. Advanced registration is required.  

Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Bath Meditation

Tuesday, November 28 

6-7pm   $16pp

Presented by Susie's Healthy Events

The Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are tuned to a specific note which naturally resonates to each chakra. As you are riding the sound currents of the crystal bowls, Susie also plays a green, F note handheld bowl, which resonates to the frequency of the heart chakra. The frequencies directly flow through the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies. When it’s time to return your awareness to your surroundings, Susie will gently ground you back into the space by playing her C# handheld bowl, connecting you to your root chakra. We remember that this peace is always within, and are encouraged to share this feeling with others.

Space is limited. Advance registration required.